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30 Day Medication Delivery

RxExpress will prepare and pre-card all scheduled medications in 30 day cards. The medications will automatically be delivered prior to the start date. This service provides a worry-free medication set up for patients and caregivers.

Medication Administration Records (MAR)

RxExpress will print
Medication Administration Records (MARs) monthly to ensure accurate medication passing from caregivers to patients. The MARs are updated each month prior to printing.

Custom Delivery

RxExpress offers same day delivery for medication to meet patient’s needs. In the instance of an emergency, RxExpress can get the medication to the patient within 4 hours of receiving order.

Compounded Medication

In addition to manufactured product, RxExpress offers an array of compounded medications including items such as: transdermal gels, suspensions, butt paste, magic mouthwash, soltabs and high concentration liquids.


I am very impressed with the custom service care my current patients receive.

Lynn M.

I know we are a unique facility to accommodate, please pass on to the staff to keep up the good work and it has not gone unnoticed.

Elizabeth J.


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Our nationwide pharmacy prescription service, provides fast, confidential delivery of medications right to your front door. Our supportive staff is dedicated to taking care of your needs and committed to providing you with superior customer service. We offer more than traditional pharmacies. With Rx Express, your delivery is just a phone call away!