MediPets is committed to providing cost effective medications in a timely manner with the finest quality service available. Our staff of pharmacists have the highest skill levels in the industry and pride themselves on providing quality care and customer service.


Compounding- Oral Dose

A special area at our facility is used for oral dose compounding. It is equipped with the latest in equipment to provide a compounding friendly environment. Oral dose medications are available on a made-to- order basis.

Compounding- Sterile Medications

All injectable medications and chemotherapy drugs are compounded in a state of the art clean room. We can compound products specifically prepared for your patients ranging from IM, IV and SQ injectables.

Topical Medications, Eye drops and ointments

When oral transmission is not preferred or possible, medications can be compounded into topical creams, ointments, and transdermal gels. Transdermal gels are very effective for patients in those situations where the GI tract is to be avoided or administrating oral medications is difficult. Other topical medications include otic solution ointments and non- aqueous otic gels that may be tailored to the patient by combining your preferred antibiotics, corticosteroids or other medications.


"I couldn’t believe how fast I received my order! Thank you so much!"

Simba's Mom

“Because of you, my cat Galen is resting comfortably tonight. Thank you Medipets for saving the day!”

Galen's Mom

“We love your app!”

Zoey’s Dad

“I am so thankful for the alternative forms you offer! I can give my cat her medicine trans dermally and it is so quick and easy!”

Bear's Dad

“I am so thrilled that you had the medication on hand. The price was awesome and my pet has been infection-free for two weeks now!"

Sundance’s Mom

“My cat LOVES the medicine you make! He begs for it and eats it right out of my hand!”

April's Dad

“The medicine you make works wonders!”

Mitten's Mom

“Your medications work so much better than others my pet has tried. Thank you!”

Princess's Dad


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Medipets provides access to a full line of human medications for veterinary applications as well as compounding for specialty veterinary medicines.

Services Provided

Compound/ specialty medications

Medications available in capsule oral suspensions, chewable treats, transdermal gels, injectables, powders and topicals

Customized ophthalmic and otic preparations

IV Medications / IV Pumps/ recalibrating pumps

Chemotherapy needs

Medication regimen ordered daily

No minimum quantities

Same day delivery available

Free Delivery( in the metro area)

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